Terms of Service

Awesome photo books for your epic memories! We endeavour to provide you with an enjoyable experience from beginning to end.

Before signing up or making a transaction with Pixajoy photo book service through http://www.pixajoy.com.au (herein referred the "Site" or "Website"), which is provided and managed by EXCARD CORPORATION SDN.BHD (herein referred to as "Pixajoy", "we", or "us", please read the following Terms of Service carefully.

Your use of this Website constitutes your agreement to these this Terms of Service. If you do not agree with any part of this Terms of Service, please do not access this Website.

We reserve the right to amend these Terms of Service anytime, with or without prior notice to Customers. You should review these Terms of Service each time you access this Site.

  1. Sign Up
  2. Customer Responsibilities
  3. Your Submission
  4. Ordering
  5. Payment
  6. Delivery
  7. Claims & Returns
  8. General Expectation on Printing Outcome
  9. Pixajoy’s Intellectual Property Rights

1. Sign Up Top
1.1 Sign up is free.

1.2 There is no legal age requirement for signing up. However, anyone below the age of 18 should obtain parental consent in using our services. We strongly recommend that parents and guardians supervise their children’s use of the Website.

1.3 During the sign up process, you will specify a Username and Password (your "Sign In Credentials") as well your basic information to maintain your account with Pixajoy. You, are fully responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your password and for any consequences that may arise from you having granted a third party access. Pixajoy has no duty or obligation to verify the identity of a customer and may assume, without independent investigation, that any person who logs on to this Site through your password does so with your consent and approval.

1.4 You are required to provide and maintain a valid email address with Pixajoy at all times.

1.5 The management of Pixajoy reserves the right to remove a customer's account at its discretion without prejudice.

1.6 You may close your account at any time. However, please email your request to us as proof. All remaining books stored with account will be deleted from our servers upon the closure of your account.

2. Customer Responsibilities Top
2.1 You represent and warrant that:
  1. You are authorized user of this Website;
  2. Any content that you transmit through this Website is not unlawful, including without limitation to matters that may be construed as invasion of privacy, violation of a right of publicity, a copyright, a patent, or a trademark infringement, and/or theft of trade secret or any other right of a person or party;
  3. All information that you provide to Pixajoy on the Website is accurate and complete;
  4. You will pay all charges incurred by you or any other users of your account and credit card at the prices in effect when such charges are incurred.

3. Your Submission Top
3.1 All book files must be submitted via online or DVD/CD to us within 7 days of payment date, otherwise we have the right to terminate your order.

3.2 Pixajoy shall not be held liable for damage/loss of files during submission or typo errors, generated by the user.

3.3 Your book is designed by you and Pixajoy does not proof, edit, or change your content in any way. This means it’s your responsibility to review your book before you publish, and fix:
  1. Typos, grammar, unfinished text, or other text errors;
  2. Design issues, including book format, organization, style, color, and page layout;
  3. Low-resolution images that may appear blurry in print;
  4. Any other creative choices you made in the photo book software that you want changed.
3.4 Whilst the Pixajoy Editor application/software works to minimise errors via pre-order flight checks and warning symbols, we cannot accept any responsibility for poor print quality as the quality of print is dependent on the source resolution and quality of the digital files submitted.

3.5 No changes can be made to the book once submitted to Pixajoy for printing.

3.6 Pixajoy will not be held liable for books containing literature and/or images that are considered pornographic, offensive, inappropriate, copyrighted and/or trademarked.

3.7 Your book file will be stored on our servers up to a maximum of 9 months from the date ordered, for your ease of making repeat orders. This is a free of charge service for our Customers (i.e. the individual who has an account with Pixajoy and has placed an order).

3.8 You warrant that you will not use any of the services for any fraudulent or illegal purpose.

4. Ordering Top
4.1 All orders must be submitted online.

4.2 Once you submit an order to Pixajoy, it is considered a purchase. The order cannot be cancelled or changed.

4.3 Unless stated otherwise, all registered users may participate in Pixajoy’s online and offline promotions. Your participation in any Pixajoy promotion acknowledges that you agree to abide to the terms and conditions for the relevant promotion.

4.4 Usage of eVoucher Codes shall be according to the terms and conditions for the applicable promotion and/or purpose. Unless otherwise stated, eVoucher Code is considered null and void once it is used or when promotion/purpose expires.

5. Payment Top
5.1 All prices and amounts shown on this Site are in Australian Dollars (AUD), unless otherwise noted. All payment made shall be in Australian Dollars (AUD).

5.2 You agree to pay in full the actual amount of your purchase. No refunds will be given if you pay more than the actual payment amount requested. Also, we will not proceed with your order if you pay less than actual payment amount requested.

5.3 Payment method – via PayPal.

View our Privacy Policy to know more about our Payment Security.

5.4 Pixajoy does not provide hardcopy of official receipts for purchases. You can print out all statements for your completed orders from the ‘My Orders‘ page on our Site.

5.5 Your payment via Credit Card is processed by PayPal, which is provided by PayPal Pte. Ltd. Hence, the names PayPal will be shown on your Credit Card statement.

6. Delivery Top
6.1 All books are delivered to Customers using TNT or DHL delivery service. The delivery service company shall be chosen at the discretion of Pixajoy in order to provide Customer with the lowest shipping rate possible.

6.2 Goods delivered to Customers are packed according to Pixajoy’s standard packing. Once goods have left our premise, they are no longer our responsibility. As such, the risk of loss and title for such items pass to you upon our delivery to the carrier.

6.3 Working days exclude weekends and public holidays observed in Australia & Malaysia.

6.4 Shipping delays may occur if state holidays are being observed in Australia & Malaysia.

6.5 If the incorrect goods were couriered to you, Pixajoy shall arrange for the collection or return in the way deemed appropriate and deliver the right one to you at its expense.

6.6 Although the delivery service company we have engaged delivers to most places, some areas require longer delivery time due to inconsistent demand and sometimes lack of road infrastructure.

6.7 If you have not received your order within the specified delivery time, kindly contact the delivery service company with the Tracking/Consignment Note Number or you may contact Pixajoy at hello@pixajoy.com.au or +604 – 442 6650 no later than 7 days from the date of the specified delivery time. Pixajoy will help liaise with the delivery service company on your behalf.

6.8 Pixajoy is not liable for any loss and damage suffered by Customers through any reasonable or unavoidable delay in delivery.

6.9 Delayed delivery is not a basis for cancellation of the order or a request for compensation.

7. Claims & Returns Top
7.1 Order is damaged or lost by the delivery service company. In such cases, sufficient evidence must be presented. Therefore, we reserve the right to have you return the original order, at our cost, before reprinting or refunding your order.

7.2 All claims for defects on your book must be made in writing within 30 days from the date of receipt. If no such claims are made, you acknowledge that the book you received is in good condition and all specifications are met.

7.3 In the event of a claim, we will investigate thoroughly if the defects or errors are caused by us thereof at our sole discretion to repair, reproduce or refund the claimed product.

8. General Expectation on Printing Outcome Top
8.1 Due to other factors such as the different colour displays on various monitors, printed colours of end product may differ from what appears on your screen. Therefore, Pixajoy cannot guarantee that the colours on what you printed will match exactly to what you see on your computer monitor.

8.2 We cannot guarantee 100% colour reproduction, as equipment, paper, ink, as well as environmental concerns may affect the finished product; in that small variations in colour between first print and subsequent prints of the same book are expected.

8.3 Tolerance of the cutting edge is ± 1.0mm.

8.4 Printed surface dotted with dirt shall not be more than 1 dot per 5cm2 and the dot shall not be bigger than 0.3mm.

8.5 Customer may not reject order if defects are within the tolerance limit stated.

9. Pixajoy’s Intellectual Property Rights Top
9.1 The names, text, images and logos identifying Pixajoy and their products and services are subject to copyright, design rights and trademarks of Pixajoy. Nothing contained in these terms shall be construed as conferring by implication, estoppel or otherwise any license or right to use any trademark, patent, text, design right or copyright of Pixajoy. Unless stated in written consent, a Customer or party has no right to produce, copy, disseminate the names, text, images and logos identifying Pixajoy and their products and services. If Pixajoy suspects a Customer has violated this condition, Pixajoy reserves the right to remove that Customer's service account. Pixajoy also reserves the right to take legal action against any Customer who misuses any trademark, patent, design right or copyright of Pixajoy.

This Terms of Service was last updated: 20 March 2012