Canvas Your Walls

Bring your walls to life by turning your favourite photos
into works of art with personalised canvas prints.

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Canvas Your Walls

Bring your walls to life by turning your favourite photos
into works of art with personalised canvas prints.

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A Modern Take On Decorating

Canvas Lite
Standard Canvas

Thin & Ultra-lightweight

With a thickness of 0.9 cm (+/-), the Canvas Lite is a slimmer version of the standard canvas prints. With precisely finished corners, the Canvas Lite comes with heavy-duty acrylic tape on the back for easy hanging. No holes or drilling required.

Minimalist Aesthetics

Available in 5 different sizes, the Canvas Lite offers the same modern and trendy appeal as regular Canvas Prints, only less bulky so that you can save space on your walls.

Let Loose Your Creativity

Feel free to create your own canvas gallery using multiple Canvas Lite and print out photos from your daily life, special occasions or even your own artwork.

Keep Some, Gift Some

Due to its light-weight and versatile nature, the Canvas Lite can be used as part of your own home decoration or can be turned into meaningful gifts for friends and family.

Create In 3 Easy Steps

1) Choose Your Canvas Type

Select the canvas type you wish to personalise.

2) Design Your Canvas

Everyone can be a designer. All you have to do is:
*Add and arrange your photos
*Personalise it to your preference

3) Order & Enjoy

Once you're satisfied with the work, just order your mug, sit back and relax while your mug arrive within 7 working days.

Materials Matter

Our canvas prints are made from top-notch quality materials that are resistant to scratches,
tears and moisture - making them easy to clean with a damp cloth and suitable to be used in all kinds of environments.

Leather Texture

Supple and nice to the touch, the durable and scratch-resistant, full-grain faux leather texture gives your canvas prints a luxurious and elegant appeal.

Canvas Texture

Giving you that gallery-like appeal, the standard canvas texture gives your photos that timeless look that will never go out of style.

Inspire Your Space

Explore The Size & Format Range

Canvas Lite Square

6" x 6"| 8" x 8" | 12" x 12"

Canvas Lite Portrait

12"x 8"

Canvas Lite Landscape

8"x 12"

Canvas Lite Vertical Panoramic

16"x 8"

Canvas Lite Horizontal Panoramic

8"x 16"

Our Promise To You

100% Quality Guarantee
100% Quality Guarantee

Using high quality materials that have undergone rigorous testing and are ethically sourced, we seek to provide you with heirloom quality products that are made to last a lifetime

Excellent Customer Service
Excellent Customer Service

Feel free to get in touch with us anytime.
We will get back to you within 24-hours.

7-Days Delivery
Receive within 7-Days

Rest assured your personalised products will
reach your doorstep within 7 business days

Accentuate Your Walls With
Personalised Canvas Prints

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Create personalised canvas prints to hang on the walls of your home and enjoy unique and one-of-a-kind home decor. Fun, easy and stunning, canvas photo prints are a great way to add a personal or artistic touch to your living spaces.

With the Pixajoy online editor, it's both quick and easy to design personalised canvas prints for your home, office or even to be given as gifts. Simply select your preferred canvas size and template, upload your favourite photos and you're done!

Canvas Print: Available in 14 different canvas print sizes and five different orientations which are square, horizontal panoramic, vertical panoramic, landscape and portrait, the canvas photo prints are designed using quality materials that resistant to scratches and is suitable to any kind of environment.

Canvas Lite: Light as air, print your photos onto these canvas panels and decorate the walls of your home with sweet memories. Available in 5 sizes and orientations, these minimalistic canvas photo prints are a less bulky alternative to the standard canvas print. Additionally, they also make for great gifts for special occasions, such as weddings, anniversaries, house warming, birthdays and so on.

Get creative and use canvas prints as part of your wall art for your room or send one as a gift to friends and family. Besides printing portrait photos or regular family photos, you can also print out your travel and nature shots to add a bit of wanderlust to your otherwise boring walls. From glittering cityscapes to breathtaking artwork, nothing beats seeing your snapshots printed on canvas.

Styling Your Canvas Prints Canvas prints are versatile and there are quite a few ways to arrange and style your personalised canvas prints in order to dress up your wall or brighten up your living space.

The Grid - For those who are a fan of symmetry, you can choose to align numerous personalised canvas prints of the same sizes in rows to form geometric patterns. Ensure that there is equal spacing between them to prevent a cluttered look. The grid display is also an excellent way to hang up personal photo prints of family, friends, pets and other casual photos.

The Faux Photo Booth - Replicate the typical 'four photos' photo booth effect with a matching selection of canvas prints. Simply take a quick sequence of photos, print them out onto individual square canvas prints and arrange them on your wall. Alternatively, you can print all four photos onto one long canvas (either vertical or horizontal) and hang it in your living space. This is an excellent way to immortalise facial expressions - especially of children!

The Shelves - Not fond of drilling holes into your walls or sticking your canvas prints on with tape? Try installing floating shelves and have your canvas prints perched on top of them with a couple of other small knick-knacks. This can help create a beautiful look with minimal effort and you can also swap out your canvas prints seasonally without having to remove or rehang the canvas.

The Steps - If you live in a house with a stairway, this unique display idea for your personalised canvas is perfect for creatively showcasing your favourite moments. All you have to do is imagine a line that runs parallel to the stairs and organises your images on this 'invisible line' to get a uniform look. Another way to arrange canvas prints on staircases is to follow the stairs and hang up your canvas prints at the same height above each step (or every couple of steps).

The High-Ceiling Solutions - If your room's ceiling seems a bit uncomfortably high, consider hanging canvas lite above the doors in a 'step' effect with to bring your eye downwards into the room.

The Main Piece - Make a statement by surrounding a large-sized canvas print with canvas prints of a smaller size to form geometric patterns. This is a great way to display important moments - such as weddings or welcoming newborns.