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Get a unique customised tumbler with us

Get a tumbler filled with the joy of your memories from Pixajoy! If travelling or always on-the-go is a part of your daily activities, carrying along with your tumbler everywhere you go must have been a familiar situation to you. Having your own customised tumbler gives you a sense of ownership, uniqueness and exclusiveness will be something that makes you feel good and gives a satisfying feeling of using a memory-filled product that makes you always aware of not losing it anywhere. With Pixajoy, we have three types of tumbler category such as travel mug, handy tumbler, and tube tumbler which have been designed with specific features that would allow you to choose according to your needs and daily basis activities. One of the best tube tumbler features would be it helps to keep the beverage hot or cold for hours, safe and certified with FDA approved coating.

We have various choices of pre-designed theme templates, which can be customized with your favourite photos or text that will showcase your favourite moments. It is an easy, simple and quick process; all you have to do is place your design on the type of tumbler and template design that you have chosen, and there goes the best-personalised tumbler of your joyful moment. If you have been browsing through the internet all these while for tumblers in countries such as Malaysia, customized tumbler, thermos tumbler or personalized tumblers, here at Pixajoy is the right place for you. We are here to help cherishing and preserving your joyful moments.