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Raise Your Glass!
A toast to new beginnings and happy moments with our personalised glassware.
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New In Towns
A Shot at Something New

Whether you’re raising your glass in a toast or wanting to try new dessert plating techniques, our personalised shot glasses will be sure to help you make an impact.

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Personalise Your Own

Available in two different sizes (1.5 oz & 2.5 oz), the shot glasses make for excellent gifts as you can customise it to fit any occasion.

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Long Lasting Colours

Featuring ORCA® sublimation coating, these personalised shot glasses can also withstand up to 3000 washes while remaining in pristine condition.

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Details & Pricing

Capacity Price
Shot Glass 1.5 oz SGD 14.90
Shot Glass 2.5 oz SGD 16.90

*We ship out in 4 - 6 working days for all quantities.