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2019 Desk Calendar

Modern White

Fishy Art

Botanical Life

Minimalist White

Fun Doodling (16 Pgs)

Elegant Marble (16 Pgs)

Runaway Vacation (16 Pgs)

Vivid Hues (16 Pgs)

Secret of Mehndi (16 Pgs)

Departure (16 Pgs)

Celebrate the Love (16 Pgs)

Encouragement (16 Pgs)

Cosmonaut (16 Pgs)

Joyous Coloring (16 Pgs)

Abstract Shapes (16 Pgs)

Color Splash (16 Pgs)

Ready Designs Highlights

3 Sizes

Lunar / Islamic Calendar

Malaysia Public Holiday

Editable Pre-designed Templates
Personalised Desk Calendar is great for...

Christmas Gift

Birthday Gift

Corporate Gifts

Home Decor